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Hydrographic Survey Wing is a specialist Survey & Investigation Organization. The Wing is constituted as a component of Kerala Port Department with a view to catering the requirements of Hydrographic Investigations for the development of Minor and Intermediate Ports of the Maritime State of Kerala. The Hydrographic Survey Wing of the Kerala State can take up all hydrographic investigations on all water masses such as Sea, Ports and Harbours, Inland Water Transport Canals, Dam Reservoirs, Rivers and Lakes. This Wing conducts Pre-Dredging and Post-Dredging Surveys and Pre-Monsoon and Post-Monsoon surveys for the developmental activities in the maritime sector and to ascertain various aspects of dredging such as requirements of dredging, the quantity to be dredged etc. This Wing also undertakes Hydrographic Survey for other departments of the State such as Fisheries, PWD, Irrigation, Kerala Engineering Research Institute, CWRDM, Tourism Department etc. The information requested by the National Hydrographic Office, Dehra Dun (Indian Navy) for updating their navigational charts are also forwarded as and when required.This is the only organization in Kerala under the Government of Kerala and unique in India doing Hydrographic investigations of various Ports, Inland Water Ways, reservoirs and lakes.

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Office of The Chief Hydrographer
Hydrographic Survey Wing,
Aryankuzhi road,
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 009


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