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The Hydrographic Survey Wing of Kerala State plays an important role in Port/Harbor - led development, inland navigation, protection of water bodies etc by providing the vast set of bathymetric data collected through decades and by serving as a data resource for research purposes. These data are distributed among the needed organization and people through paper charts or PDF charts. The lack of visualization of actual ground scenario was a drawback, at the times. But through the development of this portal the data on a geospatial mode, Made the convenience and understanding of information about the study area easy. The digital revolution in this field will make the paper chart disappear from the scene. More flexible and efficient sharing and delivery of data is made possible. This portal will ensure the accessibility of Hydrographic survey Data and various services from anywhere. The portal will act as a web based platform for efficient management of all hydrographic data encompassing communication, gathering and sharing of data.



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Office of The Chief Hydrographer
Hydrographic Survey Wing,
Aryankuzhi road,
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 009


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